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Per un caffè sempre pulito.

Progettata per supportarti nella tua routine quotidiana (250 g).

Veloce, facile da usare, per offrirti sempre un caffè macinato fresco.

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Da il  09 Mag. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON CAMPANA BLOWUP 250 GR ) :

Great Mignon solution

The Eureka blow up hopper fits my Mignon Oro XL perfectly, is made to a high standard of quality, and solves the problem of clearing retained grinds after I have completed coffee service in the morning. it also offers the opportunity for single dosing on a grinder that was not originally intended for that purpose. Delivery to the US was surprisingly quick.

Da il  30 Apr. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON CAMPANA BLOWUP 250 GR ) :

Makes an excellent grinder closer to perfect

I regularly switch between espresso and drip/pour over. The blow-up bellows work perfectly to clear most retained grinds, which significantly reduces coffee waste and improves the efficiency of changing beans and/or changing grind settings. I also appreciate the much improved bean gate. This hopper is exactly what I needed. Order delivery to USA was extremely fast.

Da il  19 Gen. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON CAMPANA BLOWUP 250 GR ) :

Kari Pietiläinen

The product was just what I needed.

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