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L'eredità centenaria di Eureka ha dato vita a Mignon XL: una nuova generazione di macinacaffè dotata delle più moderne tecnologie ed espressione dello “ State of the Art” nella macinazione del caffè per qualsiasi tipo di preparazione del caffè.

Prestazioni ancora più elevate, funzionalità e soluzioni tecnologiche all’avanguardia, impreziosite dall'inconfondibile design “Made in Italy”, offrono un’esperienza di macinatura straordinaria.

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Tipo Di Macine
Diametro Macine
65 mm
Materiale Macine
Diamond Inside
Capacitá Campana
300 gr
Materiale Campana
Touch Screen (2 dosi + continuo)
Numero Regolazioni
Regolazione Micrometrica Infinita
380 mm
120 mm
180 mm
Peso Netto
7.2 Kg
320 W
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Da il  28 Giu. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Not working, maybe poor quality control from eureka.

the product SEEMS really nice, quite heavy suggesting a good construction, good materials, very satisfying overall. Unfortunately the unit i received was not working at all, completely dead from the beginning. I plugged it in and switched it on but nothing happened. Since the unit was new and still packed in the manufacturer box, i assume i wass reallly unluky but also one of these apply:
1) Eureka has a really poor quality control or no quality controll at all,
2) Eureka has a poor packaging design (the box was pristine, so i don't think that somthing had happened),
3) Eureka has a really weak design (in case the issue originated after the delivery from their workshop during transportation)

after all, this is a grinder, i.e. a motor with burrs at the end and some adjustement gears, all of them made of metal. There are electronic componenrts which are nokn to be more susceptible to shocks sure, but nowadays most e-shops deliver sophisticated electronics (laptops, cell phones, audio devices, LCD devices) or even sophisticated optics products with intercontinental delivery and most of them are suitable or packaged for express delivery...

Service from Espresso coffee shop is nice.

Da il  08 Giu. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Buyer From Macau

nice machine! I love it!

Da il  06 Giu. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :


Bought the 110v. It was packed and shipped to US quickly. Got it in a couple of days in perfect condition. It works really well so far.

Da il  12 Mag. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

USA - Great experience

San Francisco resident here. Had read mixed reviews online, so it took me a while to order but am glad I did. the Mignon XL was delivered within 4 days of ordering, brand new in box, no smudges or anything. Fired up right away, no need for any communication with Espressocoffeeshop, other than asking for a discount which tkkk care of the shipping costs. No additional duty fees to pay. Machine itself is great. Because of this great service and pricing, I have gone ahead an ordered a Rocket Mozzofiato V. Still waiting on that one, will leave a review when I receive it. Hopefully it’s as smooth an experience as this was.

Da il  27 Apr. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Vive Italy

I searched for a grinder that suits Sylvia,
Encounter is espresso prompt decision at his coffee shop, big burr
Surprised by the light sound, the grinded beans were a wonderful splendid powder, of course I am full of satisfaction with Silvia and mignon xl. Thank you.

Da il  21 Apr. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Perfect Grinder

fast shipping, very good comunication with the shipper
the grinder is perfect for home Baristas

Da il  03 Apr. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

The coffee grinder jammed today

We found the grinder output the abnormal grind and open it. The inside really blocked by the grind. We now trying to clear it. Hope the error may be resolved.

Da il  01 Apr. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Excellent grinder

Upgraded from Rancilio Rocky. Rocky was great and very dependable. The XL is better, and delivers noticeably faster output and fluffier grounds. I also like that the XL has a hopper that can be easily removed and has a stopper built in. I must say the grinding station mat that was included is kind of a joke and just makes things more difficult to cleanup so I dispensed with that. Excellent service from espresso coffee shop.com and faster delivery to my house in USA than most USA merchants. This thing is solid and will likely last the rest of my lifetime

Da il  23 Marzo 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Great grinder, awesome value for money

Bought this grinder about a month ago and it has been producing high-quality fluffy grinds since day one. What really surprises me is that this grinder doesn't seem to need seasoning, it just works straight out of the box. 10/01 wound recommend if you are looking for a flat burr grinder and you don't mind having a hopper (though you can single dose if you want to, I've tried and it works reasonably well).

Da il  23 Marzo 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Fast Delivery

Great product and received very fast--wow! I did need to grind a few pounds of coffee to break in the device, but now it's wonderful!

Da il  22 Marzo 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Excellent Taste

I had a good friend recommend this product and vendor to me and am greatly satisfied with the grinder. Works like a dream.

Da il  16 Gen. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Ottimo macinacaffè!

Ho acquistato l'Eureka Mignon XL e sono rimasto sin dal primo giorno soddisfatto dalle prestazioni e dalla silenziosità del mdoello. Prima avevo una Lelit Fred, ma la differenza è notevole. Molto soddisfatto anche del servizio di comunicazione con espressocoffeeshop e i tempi di consegna eccezionali.

Da il  14 Gen. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Excellent Grinder from Eureka

A great offering from Eureka! The bigger burrs makes for bigger flavor! Came from a Silenzio and can taste the difference.

Da il  14 Gen. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

Fantastic grinder

The Eureka Mignon XL grinder has proven to be a perfect match for the new Profitec 600 espresso maker.

Even better was the delivery speed and customer service at expressocoffeeshop.
Will be back.

Da il  14 Gen. 2022 (EUREKA MIGNON XL MACINACAFFE' ) :

good product

very good, love it

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