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10 easy steps for the perfect espresso cup

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Do you want to know the step-by-step recipe for making the perfect cup of espresso? 

Here are 10 simple steps to follow. 

Ingredients and equipment: 

  1. Fresh coffee beans, specifically roasted for espresso 
  2. An espresso machine with a portafilter and steam wand
  3. coffee grinder
  4. coffee levelling tool and a tamper
  5. scale 
  6. An espresso cup or shot glass 
  7. Milk (optional) 


1. Cleaning first 

A frequently underestimated step is the maintenance and cleaning of the machine and filter holder. In fact, coffee releases oils and greases that can negatively affect the result if they are not removed before each extraction. 

2. Every bean is different 

Start by selecting high-quality coffee beans specifically roasted for espresso. Beans labeled "espresso blend" or "single-origin espresso" are both good choices. 

3. A matter of right doses 

For good results, use a precision scale to weigh the coffee beans. Usually, a single dose is about 7-9 grams, while a double dose is 14-18 grams of coffee beans. 

4. Freshly grind 

Grinding the beans before extraction is a key step. The standard says no more than 15 minutes should pass between grinding and extraction because the flavors and oils begin to fade. In addition, espresso coffee requires a very fine grind to permit a high contact surface area with water. 

5. Warm the portafilter and coffee cup 

To ensure an even extraction, place the portafilter and espresso cup on the machine's warming tray or use the steam wand to heat them. 

6. Coffee levelling tool and tamper, your best friends 

When hot water meets ground coffee, begins the extraction of oils and greases that form the unique espresso aroma. That's why it's important to evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the portafilter, so every particle of coffee is evenly reached by the water. 

This is where an essential tool comes to the rescue: the tamper. 

Use it to compress the grounds in the portafilter by applying firm pressure to get an even surface. For true professionals, you can first use a coffee levelling tool to flatten the coffee before pressing. 

7. Ready, set and go with extraction 

With the machine at the right temperature, the portafilter properly locked into the brewing unit and the cup positioned underneath, the only thing left to do is to start the extraction. 

Typically, a single dose will take about 25-30 seconds to brew, resulting in about 30 ml of espresso coffee. A double dose will take slightly longer. 

8. Observe the espresso 

Watch the espresso as it flows into the cup. It should have a steady flow and form a golden cream on top

9. Froth the milk (optional) 

If you wish to prepare milk-based drinks such as cappuccino, use the steam wand to froth and heat the milk to your preferred consistency and temperature. 

10. Enjoy  

Sip your freshly brewed espresso, enjoying its rich flavors and aromas. If you use a glass mug you can also notice the three layers that form your coffee: the heart the body and the cream on top. 

Remember that brewing great espresso takes practice and experience to find the perfect balance for your taste preferences. Keep refining your technique and you'll become an expert at brewing espresso at home… better than at the coffee shop. 


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