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ABC: Acaia for Better Coffee

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Acaia is a game changer in its field: it is not merely “something for weighing” but a truly professional tool to uplift your coffee preparations. Acaia redefined the scale universe by developing products that could interact with and connect the barista during the full brewing process with its amazing apps. By doing so the Acaia scale is becoming part of the coffee experience as it keeps the full focus on the perfect ratio. Its birthplace is among our coffee world, that’s why its importance is growing among all serious and experienced baristas.


With a battery life lasting up to 40 hours in its latest generation and powered by a USB-C plug charging will never be an issue with this scale. Nor will water ever be an issue cause another great feature of the Acaia is the full waterproofness of the scale. Such achievement constitutes a great advantage for a barista and is further proof of Acaia’s incredible value.


The user-friendly interface makes recorded telemetry utterly easy to be done and with the upgraded high contrast display is extremely readable in all circumstances. 

The new version of the Lunar has a flow rate mater that is extraordinary in following and leading the proper coffee flow. The scale’s display is gently lit up so as to share a rhythm that could easily be applied to the pouring. By keeping the consistent and right coffee flow rate on the pour, all the flavors will be properly collected and this process will amplify the extraction itself.


If you are looking for a reliable tool that could support your need to increase a clear vision over the challenging balance needed for the perfect coffee Acaia should be your choice.


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