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Hi. Thank you for sending my Espresso machine and Grinder in such a short time!
I like to write this feedback so that others like myself can own an espresso machine for a reasonable cost. I had plenty of concerns when it comes to buying a machine. Firstly, they are very expensive in my country (Singapore). Secondly, my online shopping destination, the United States, had a different voltage standard. That left me with the third option of ordering from Europe, for which i am not familiar with. Espresso Coffee Shop.com has been on my radar for a while. I am quite impressed with the price, and especially the shipping cost. What really held me back for many months was the concern of sending thousands of Euros to a company i don't know.
I finally decided to take the plunge after realizing that Paypal had a buyer protection which effectively guarantees a refund if i did not received my orders. I went ahead, got my self the Bezerra Unica and the BB005 Grinder.
I received my order in just a few days (5 days to be exact). I am impressed. These guys actually shipped Express on 2 boxes weighing over 30kg. It had to be expensive!
At the same time, i am equally grateful that i finally brought an Espresso machine which i had always wanted. I am now using it daily, still learning to make that perfect Espresso.
If you are like me, don't hesitate. Its a good opportunity to buy an equipment and at the same time support the nice folks in Italy. They make great machine and operate professionally in their business.

Liew Shyh Horng- from Singapore

I am writing to testify my buying experience on espressocoffeeshop.com
I know ecommerce could be risky and would become a nightmare once I landed on a bad site. There are so many similar sites selling identical products as espressocoffeeshop.com why I choose this? The Rocket Classic is few hundreds Euro cheaper! Shipment cost to Singapore via TNT is too low to believe. Why so cheap? Is it scam? Does it sell genuine goods? How good is their pre-sale and after sale service?
I google for its customer comments on forums, checking the site's history, years back pricing compare to current pricing. I can conclude it is a genuine ecommerce site. So I give it a try. I separate my purchase in 2 phases, a Rocket Classic plus TNT to Singapore - a great money saving can't find elsewhere on the net. Second purchase a Macap M4 grinder should be purchased once I have received my first purchase.
All my worries are now cleared, the first and second purchase reached my home in Singapore safely with satisfaction. They are well packaged, brand new sealed inside manufacturer's box and protected by espressocoffeeshop.com customized packaging.
I noticed that my credit card was charged only upon the time when shipment was sending out. It is a long history online shop at least about 10 years on the net. Chat room support is proven good.
Shop with confidence.
Eddie Luen from Singapore.

just to let you know the coffee machine arrived yesterday. Thanks very much for the prompt and efficient service!
Kevin from Hong kong

I recently ordered a Bezzera Unica, everything OK and very happy with my new espresso machine. Also I would like to thank you for the very quick service and shippement of my order.
I look forward for my next order,
Thank you again,
John from Greece

Thank you very much for your advice and patience with me. I know I ask a lot of questions but your answers were very helpful. From the order to the delivery, everything went well. Thank you for your outstanding professional service.
Now I am enjoying my Zaffiro and my Macap M4 everyday. They are both great and they look fantastic. My coffees are delicious. I am looking forward doing business with you again. All the best, Matteo (from Switzerland)
Thanks, sincerely
Matteo (from Switzerland) 

I am very happy to for the second time being able to thank you for an excellent service and delivery . In the past week we tested the NemoxGelato Pro 1700 and made some delicious ice cream from the following recipes
Thank you and the best wishes
Otto Stenov Denmark 

AMAZING service !. As per FEDEX Website I was expecting the package on April 29th but arrived right to my office on April 26th. Just few days (weekend in between) after placing the order. From Italy to Hong Kong .... wow !. All arrived in perfect order. An excellent service experience dealing with you and company...... and the best prices too !
With best regards
Mauricio Ramirez- hong Kong 

Bought my Rancilio Silvia yesterday over the internet, and it arrived in Denmark today!!!
Excellent telephone support, very kind costumer service. This is how it should always be buying stuff on the internet, your company sets the level!!
This is a real costumer writing, no fake, I´ll buy all coffee related stuff with you in the future, and recommend you to everyone I know considering buying coffee equipment.
Thanks, sincerely
Adam Simonsen. 

I am very happy to for the second time being able to thank you for an excellent service and delivery . In the past week we tested the NemoxGelato Pro 1700 and made some delicious ice cream from the following recipes
Thank you and the best wishes
Otto Stenov Denmark 

Hi. My Gaggia arrived today and I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your professional and efficient service. I would certainly recommend your site to anyone. Thanks again!
David (Coffee anyone!) UK 

My Rancilio Silvia and Rocky grinder arrived in Oslo in just two days! Two days from Italy to Norway.That is amazing. Everything was very well packed and in good order, and I have made myself some supreme shots already.
A LOT cheaper and even faster than buing from my local shop. It can't get much better than that. Totally a positive experience. Recommended! .
Harald Andersen from Norway 

Quick and informative answers to my e-mails, and just 24 hours from order to delivery up here in Sweden - I am very satisified with your performance!
I'll be a returning customer as well as let others know about my positive experience.
Mårten, Sweden 

Dear Sir,
I wish to thank you for the excellent service your company has provided me. I received my order less than 48 hours from time of order, which is quite fantastic considering my location!
Thank you again, and I hope to do business with you in the future.
Yours, sincerely,
Jonathon Sarginson, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Received your package yesterday in good order and am awaiting the eagle thank you for your excellent service. Please feel free to use the following testimonial: "I received my ice-machine today well packed and in good order. This is the second time I bought an article from your shop. The efficiency and speed were astounding in both transactions. With internetshops like these high street shops seem to be getting redundant.
Jaap V. Netherlands. 

My Gaggia espresso machine and grinder arrived in Korea yesterday. Transit time takes about only 3 working days!! It makes me deep impression. I have an impression that I do not live in Korea but I live in Italy... Honestly I had my doubt before, because I have received no tracking number in my e-mail as yet. But I'm glad you proved me wrong. Everything works fine! Thank you so much for everything I really appreciated your fantastic, professional service. Truly yours..
ByungJoon Yoo, Korea 

I received my Macap M5 today. It is a great machine. Thanks for the fast service. I received the grinder one day after you'd send it! Wonderful. Thanks again!
Wouter van den Heuvel, United Kingdom 

Dear Carlo just a note to say i have received my ice cream maker today, i have been so impressed with the efficient process and to be able to track my order was so interesting thank you
Sally E Utting, United Kingdom 

Just a short note to say how pleased I am with my Silvia and Rocky grinder. Everything works perfectly, the coffee is delicious and the ordering process and delivery went very smoothly. I'd reccommend the Espresso Coffee Shop.
Tracey Carter, United Kingdom 

Carlo, I received the refund for repairs.
I appreciate your great service and honesty and continue to recommend your company and machines, without hesitation, to anyone that asks.
Thank you!
John Terela USA 

The handling of order and delivery of item were quick and efficient, and there was no quibbling about replacing a small plastic part damaged in transit. E-mails were always answered politely and quickly. A pack of the wood smoked coffee beans packed with the Macap grinder was a nice touch.
Jenny Pritchard, United Kingdom 

Dear Carlo! I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your nice and quick service. I had my first cup of espresso made by my Gaggia Classic already on Friday afternoon!! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future and as promised I have already told my friends about Espresso Coffee Shop.
Henrik from cold Sweden 

Dear Carlo, My grinder, espresso machine and beans arrived this morning. Everything works fine! I've just had the best espresso since I last visited Italy... Thanks again for your very efficient service, cheers Henry, France hjmcc@free.fr
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that the Gaggia Titanium works great! The coffee is excellent and the machine is very user friendly. Thanks for the lightning fast shipping! Just wanted to let you know that if anyone buys a 230 volt 50 hz machine for use in the USA all they need to do to get it to work is to buy a step-up/step-down transformer that converts USA 60 hz 110 volts to the European 230 volt 50 hz. These transformers are available at most eletronic/electrical supply stores for around 90 dollars US. Thanks again Carlo for a really great machine that brews the smoothest best tasting coffee that I have had in a long time. I wont ever have to go to Starbucks again!
Randy Weiss USA

I would just like to say how pleased I was with your service and delivery of my new Espresso machine. It is so easy to work and makes a great cup of coffee.

Dear Carlo
Thank you for shipping the La Pavoni machine so quickly. I received it and am already operating it. I have long dreamed of owning a La Pavoni and now that dream has come true.I look forward to buying more products from you in the future.Sincerely,
Kevin W. Arawjo -USA 

Carlo, My brother received the la pavoni machine. Honestly I had my doubt before, but you've proven me wrong. Super fast shipment with great communication from the seller. Hoping I can do more business with you in future. Sincerely,
Donny Prasetya-USA

Hello Carlo, I received "SILVIA&ROCKY" yesterday and made my first espresso. It was delicious. Thank you for the good customer service.
Shinya Nishikado- Japan 

Salve Carlo,
The espresso coffee machine arrived on 18 Jul. It is exactly what I wanted.
I will definitely recommend your e-shop.
I can now have my espresso and cappuccino as I got used to when I lived in Italy.
Antonio Gomes- USA 

I followed the directions, and also changed the coffee grind (I think that perhaps the very fine expresso grind was not proper (to powdery - small and may have been to dense for the water/steam to pass through).
I unscrewed the nut and looked into the cylinder, other than a screw, I found no moving parts. Before reinstalling the nut, I turned the machine from side to side a couple times, then added a larger grind coffee, refilled the tank with water and started the beautiful machine. It works!
It is really a wonderful machine.
Carlo, again - thank you for the great service! It is excellent!
John Terela - USA

Carlo, I received my X1 on Thursday. If the machine proves to be as good as the customer service I received from Carlo I will be extremely happy with it.
Michael Doyle - Dublin

Hi Carlo, We just received the gasket set, and the espresso maker is now back to its full best! Thankyou VERY much for the fantastic service, both initially and after sales. Your efforts really ARE a great example of how to run an internet business. You certainly have our recommendation AND future patronage!
Cheers, Rob & Nina - New Zealand 

Hi Carlo, Actually, I bought the Pavoni as a gift to my brother and his family. Not only did it arrive safely, but he and his wife have already tested it out and told me how much they are enjoying it. No bitterness in the coffee! Thanks again for all your help. I'll have to say, you have provided the best customer service! Please stay in business!
Irene - USA

Carlo, We just finished our first cup from our new pavoni....extrordinary! I also wanted to tell you I don't but too much on the internet because I like to invest in my community, but your prices were so good, I couldn't resist. I also felt that because the machine is Italian, it was nice to do business directly with you. Everyone was very helpful, promptly answering e-mail questions and concerns I had. You also sent me helpful tips on making the perfect espresso and even phoned after I placed the order to confirm it was correct. I wish you well,
Mike Mahoney - USA

I received the machine today. Wonderful machine and efficiently handled by you. Thank you for your help! Best regards.
Nicholas Cook - USA

Mr Carlo Perini, I cannot wait to get home and make some expresso. If you smell wonderful coffee brewing you will know where it is coming from - Singapore!. Thank you...
John - Singapore 

Carlo, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Again, it's a pleasure to to business with you and your firm.
Teresa - USA 

Thank you. I look forward to a delicious cappuccino very soon...
January - USA

The machine arrived two days ago. It works beautifully. Thank you again.
Michael - USA

Dear Mr. Carlo Perini: I have today received the package in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!! You are great... Thank you so much for everything you have done to help get this to me. I really appreciated your fantastic, professional service. BRAVO!!!! Sincerely,

....the machine came last week and it works just great!!! Thank you very much for the prompt and great service!!
Joe - Hong-Kong

..I want to thank you for being so helpful during it's disappearance and keeping me informed of the progress in finding it. I will certainly recommend your company to friends. Thank you.
Jeremy - USA

I will study how to make good espresso with this beautiful machine. I'm very happy to be able to have authentic espresso & cappccino everyday ! Thank you for giving me a good chance and good service. Truly yours.
Hideki Yano - Japan

My coffee machine arrived yesterday, as promised. (just in time for my Birthday!) Congratulations on an excellent service and thank you! Grazie Mille!!

Terry - USA

Hello Carlo, I received the La Pavoni machine yesterday and made my first espresso today. It was delicious. Thank you for the great customer service.
Alex - USA

Dear Sir, I've received the machines, and it's more beautiful than what I expected. Thank you very much and I hope we could do business again in the future. Sincerely
Adi - Indonesia 

Ciao Carlo!!! It was nice doing business with you.
Minna - Finland 

The machine arrived this morning around 10am. Impressive service! I'm now having fun, coffee
everywhere! Thank you
Roger - UK 

I want to commend your company for excellent customer service. I have never been more impressed. I appreciate how you kept me up to date on the status of my order, when it would be shipped and when I could expect it to arrive. It made it so much easier for me to actually surprise the person I had purchased the piece of art for. A lot of companies who deal with online and mail order services could learn alot from the way you do business.
G. Hollibaugh - USA - gholliba@u.washington.edu
"I just wanted to let you know that the my order arrived safely. It's fantastic! Thank you for the prompt, efficient service."
David - New Zealand 

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