Francis Francis

Francis Francis

FrancisFrancis! is an espresso machine manufacturer owned by illy.

Founded in 1994 by Francesco Illy, FrancisFrancis has produced espresso machines for the home market.

Italian architect Luca Trazzi was responsible for the aesthetics.

In 2004 the company was purchased by illy, since then, FrancisFrancis! became the espresso machines of choice for illy, always associated with the coffee brand. The Francis Francis! espresso makers were one of the first to feature the option for the E.S.E. pods.

In 2009 an X7 model was introduced which uses illy's iperespresso capsules. In 2011, this machine was upgraded to the X7.1 with improvements to heating time and the time taken to return to coffee making temperature from steaming (3 seconds).