Shipping Sud America

South America Shipping options

Shipping Cost to Argentina, Brazil... , via DHL or Fedex Express Service

All orders outside of the EU (European Union) qualify for TAX FREE status, this means that, the final cost of your goods will have the applicable Italian VAT Tax (currently 20%) deducted, please note this does not apply to shipping costs. The final Tax Free value will show in Your Shopping Cart Total Amount once you selected your Country and Tax Area. Shipping costs depend on gross weight of goods and country destination.

Weight of the Order
Shipping Cost
From Kg 0.1 To Kg 2.0
Euro 40.00
From Kg 2.0 To Kg 5.0
Euro 65.00
From Kg 5.0 To Kg 8.0
Euro 90.00
From Kg 8.0 To Kg 12.0
Euro 110.00
From Kg 12.0 To Kg 16.0
Euro 120.00
From Kg 16.0 To Kg 20.0
Euro 150.00
From Kg 20.0 To Kg 25.0
Euro 180.00
From Kg 25.0 To Kg 30.0
Euro 200.00
From Kg 30.0 To Kg 35.0
Euro 220.00
Please contact us for orders over 35 kg


  • Your order will be shipped via DHL Express or FedEx shipping. As soon as your order ships, we will provide you with carrier-specific tracking information.
  • Transit time varies by location but generally ranges from three to five working daysdays.
  • Orders processed by 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, will be shipped the same day. (Contingent upon product availability.)