Coffee Grinders

What is the secret to a perfect Coffee? A great coffee machine and practice are definitely important factors but they won't reveal your full potential unless another the fundamental step is taken into consideration: the coffee grinding. We offer a wide range of Coffee Grinders from the entry-level to the professionals, Doser to Doserless and in different colour combinations for you to match with your coffee machine. 

A Brief Guide to Coffee Grinding

The degree of the grind in your Coffee Grinder should be carefully adjusted. Coffee is highly sensitive to humidity - in dry weather the grind needs to be a fine one, while damp or rainy conditions require a coarser grind. An espresso measure is between 6.5 and 7 grammes. The grinder should be cleaned regularly, especially the bell containing the beans. In addition to bearing the above points in mind, you should press the measure of coffee so as to distribute it evenly. A good espresso will pour down in an unbroken walnut-coloured stream for about 20-25 seconds per cup. The result is a total of 30-35 ml of coffee in a pre-heated ceramic cup 

How to choose between a Doser grinder or a Doserless ( Grind on Demand) one?

We have made this section  ( Click Here ) to help you to understand coffee grinders a little bit better in order to make it easier for you to choose the model that would fit your needs.