Isomac E61 Brewing Unit

Isomac E61 Brewing Unit
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  • NEW! Isomac Millenium cool touch (New Boiler in Stainless Steel, No Born Steam Pipe)
    The problem with Millenium is; do you lookat it or do you us it? Our advice is, use it, often. there is no doubt about it thet this is italian design and quality at it's best. you can use the steam spout at the at the same time as you make your espresso. What is more, Millenium has its own tap for boiling water.This is a professional machine with an enormous capacity. On request available with water main connection. ..
    1,299.64€ Ex Tax: 1,065.28€
  • NEW! Isomac La Mondiale Professional Espresso Coffee Machine
    La Mondiale is our most recent machine. It is remarkable in many way, but especially because its design differs largely from our other machines. The rounded shapes and the metal details makes it a beauty. With the ability to brew coffee at the same time as you steam the milk, as well as moveable steam spouts and hot water tap. To keep the heat constant troughout the process, a large 2 litre water tank and 2.2 litre boiler. On request available with water main connection. ..
    1,672.71€ Ex Tax: 1,371.07€
    Replacement part for E61 home and commercial group espresso machines.   ..
    4.88€ Ex Tax: 4.00€
  • NEW! Isomac Zaffiro cool touch Semi Professional Espresso Coffee Machine
    This is simply a machine for those who want to play professionals at home.The E-61-group ensures a stable temperature, which means that if you want a better-tasting espresso, you will have to find yourself a real Barista. And you don't need to have strong arms to get the bayonet in place. As with all our big machines you use the handle to brew an espresso. The large water tank also gives you a large capacity for big parties. ..
    866.09€ Ex Tax: 709.91€
  • NEW! Isomac Tea cool touch (New Boiler in Stainless Steel, No Born Steam Pipe)
    Isomac does notonly have one flagship-but. several. Tea is definitely one of them. You can use Tea to steam milk and make espresso at the same time. There is always plenty of steamin the spout, at the same time as the machine is ready to brew the perfect espresso, at the right temperature. With the help of the manometer you can follow the pressure of the boiler close up, at the same time as you keep an eye in the steam spout. On request available with water main connection. ..
    1,158.49€ Ex Tax: 949.58€