Gianni Frasi is one of Italy's premier coffee roasters, producing one of the world's best tasting coffees served in the best bars and three michelin stars restaurants. He works in the tradition of his uncle, Giovanni Erbisti, who began roasting coffee in 1947.

He still uses his Erbisti's original roasting machine, making him almost certainly the last torrefacteurs in the world to roast his beans directly with an open flame. 

This roasting procedure is very challenging and requires years of expertise from the roaster master to learn the exact timing, just a three seconds time frame in order to produce perfectly toasted beans. 

This method allows the coffee beans to exalt the organoleptic characteristics of coffee as no other


The family philosophy remains the same, eschewing dark roasts in order to preserve even the subtlest aromas of the coffee. Gianni is obsessed with sourcing his beans and insists on specifying the exact means of production at every stage of the process.

He believes in small batches, and makes as much coffee in a year as Lavazza makes in two hours.