Macap Conical Coffee Grinders

Macap Conical Coffee Grinders
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Macap M7D Coffee Grinder

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This hugely impressive grinder is the flagship of the Macap professional conical grind on demand range.Particle size is  set via an accurate micrometric adjustment and grind time is adjustable in 0.05 second increments with the choice of single dose, double dose or continuous (manual grind) if preferred. This grinder is very fast with a grind time of under 5 sec/double dose.

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Macap M7DZ Coffee Grinder

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The M7DZ is the same as the M7D with the addiction of the  MACAP CPS (Constant Pressure System) automatic tamper to streamline espresso production by conforming all users to utilize the same tamp pressure. Using a lever, this tamper applies uniform and level pressure to the ground espresso in a group handle. The result is a predictable and consistent extraction; a leap forward in simplifying traditional espresso preparation.

1,586.00€ Ex Tax: 1,300.00€

Macap M7K Conical Coffee Grinder

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The MACAP M7K is powerful and efficient with stepless adjustment and 68mm conical burrs. The auto doser (5.5/8.5g dosing adjustment)

 on this machine makes it a highly productive grinder.

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Macap MXK  Conical Coffee Grinder Special Offer

Macap MXK Conical Coffee Grinder

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The Macap MXK commercial doser coffee grinder is one of the best grinders on the market with a 63mm conical burr set and superior build quality. The MX comes with a 1.4kg hopper capacity and 340 W professional grade motor which rotates the conical grinding burrs at 350 RPM. The MXK is a commercial grinder with stepless incremental adjustment of the fineness of the grind and digital dosing for precise control. It is suitable for cafe / commercial use.

1,000.40€ 854.00€ Ex Tax: 700.00€