The innovative approach and technological solutions provided at Eureka are amongst the best in the industry. Both its professional and domestic Coffee Grinders feature technologies such as high speed grind dispersion, which decreases the dispensing speed when grinding and Silent Technologies which significantly lowers vibrations allowing the grinding noise to be reduced by 20 dB compared to conventional grinders. 

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Eureka Atom On Demand Electronic Coffee Grinder


700.00€ Ex Tax: 573.77€

Eureka Mignon Mk 2 Instantaneous Grinder Auto/Manual Special Offer

Eureka Mignon Mk 2 Instantaneous Grinder Auto/Manual

The Micrometric adjustment of grinding thickness with rotor blades axial slide enables the best poss..

305.00€ 280.60€ Ex Tax: 230.00€

Eureka Mignon Perfetto Electronic Grinder

Easy Setting System fafilitating the grinding degree regulation process by showing the whole range of grinding modes: from Turkish to French Press

390.40€ Ex Tax: 320.00€

Eureka Mignon Silenzio Coffee Grinder

Silent Technology,Fork for "Hands-Free" Operations, ACE system which prevents the clump formation and regulates the coffee outflow

318.42€ Ex Tax: 261.00€

Eureka Mignon Specialita' Electronic Grinder

Silent Technology,Touch screen (2 doses + continous),Fork for "Hands-Free" Operations,
"High Speed" Maintenance                                                                                  .                                                                                                .

396.00€ Ex Tax: 324.59€

Eureka Olympus 75E High Speed

Olympus on-demand is the ultimate grinder born at Eureka. New but already well known for  ots f..

1,146.80€ Ex Tax: 940.00€

Eureka Zenith 65 E

The key features of the model Zenith elevate it to a real professional tool for bars: both for the h..

732.00€ Ex Tax: 600.00€