Bezzera BZ 16 SPM  Espresso Coffee Machine

The model BZ16 Works with pump and solenoid valves for the coffee group.
It can be installedanywhere. Thanks to the 2-liters boiler with heat exchanger,and the practical
heating system of the group, it can prepare cappuccinos, coffees and teas for
large communities. Its new electrical and hydraulic system, achieve a thermal
stability equal to the machines in the professional segment.
The group is controlled by a button on/off.
By pressing the button, the group delivers coffee; once you reach the desired
quantity, by pressing the button again it controls the stop.
• Coffee group Heating element
• Automatic boiler water filling
• Automatic stop of heating element in case of lack of water
• Body in stainless steel AISI 304



Bezzera BZ 16 SPM Espresso Coffee Machine

  • Brand: Bezzera
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The BZ16, like all Bezzera BZ serie, comes with an electrically heated groupheads so that  heats up much faster.
with a volumetric dosage for coffee brewing controlled by a microprocessor.

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