Oscar Bilt  90 Descaling Device 250 l.

OSCAR is a innovative descaling device for domestic 
and office coffee machines. The mechanism 
applies the osmotic process of the saline solution to 
eliminate the calcium and magnesium deposits which 
remain inside boilers and heating elements. O.SCA.R. 
comes in various shapes and sizes to meet a wide range 
of needs.


DIMENSIONS OSCAR 150_(D x H) 120 mm x 100 mm
STRUCTURE MATERIAL_Polyester texture
pH OUT_Neutral
EXPIRy DATE_18 months from the production date
FUNCTIONING_Passive, inside the tank
Temperature in use_From 5°C to +40°C
RESIN_Bacterial static
HEAVY METAL REMOVAL_[Cr3+ Al3+ Cu2+ Pb2+ Fe2+ Zn2+ Nl2+ Cd2+
Ca2+ Mg2+]
DISPOSAL_Special but NOT harmful waste
WASTE CODE_C.E.R. 19.09.05
CONFORMITy_D.M. Ministero Salute 174/2007 
D.P.R. 236/1988 – D.L. 31/2001 
TYPE_Universal softener for OCS
INSTRUCTIONS_When the tank is empty put OSCAR on the bottom 
and fill with water until the desired level. When the water comes into 
contact with the resin micro-spheres the magnetic-osmotic process 
will start converting the calcium and magnesium ions into sodium 

Oscar Bilt 90 Descaling Device 250 l.

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