Mahlkoenig VARIO Home Coffee Grinder New Metal Portaholder

Following feedbacks from the markets and resulting from improvement discussions Mahlkonig have modified the PortaHolder for VARIO home.

Today’s plastic insert with a slim metal fork rest has been replaced by sturdy zink-die-cast which resists even heavy-duty operations. In addition the adjustability for different types of portafilters and the accuracy and stability of fit are much improved. The grinder’s body needed some minor changes for a perfect, non-slip fit of the new metal PortaHolder.


• freshly ground portion grinding – espresso, filter & french press


• electronically controlled (timer)
• variable programming
• coarse and fine tuning with over 200

grind settings


• easy time programming via LC-display
• 3 individual pre-settings for espresso, filter

& french press
• „hands-free“ operation for port-a-filter


• 54 mm ceramic-burrs
• belt-drive motor for super quiet operation • compact design
• LC-display
• easy cleaning
• 220 g container or port-a-filter holder 



Facts about VARIO

  • Developed 2007 - 2009

  • Introduction Copenhagen SCAE Conference June 2008

  • Start of serial production Sept. 2008

    What does Grind-on-Demand stand for?


  • Ground coffee looses more than half of its aroma within appr. 15 minutes due to oxygen, humidity and light dissolving the volatile aromas out of the broken cells. The whole bean protects the aroma inside the cells.

  • In order to minimise the aroma loss Grind-on-Demand-grinders only grind the amount of coffee beans that are needed for the shot. Dosing is done through a timer in the grinder’s software. The doser chamber known from traditional grinders is not needed anymore.

  • ThereforeGrind-on-Demandensuresconstantqualityineverycupandequaltreatmentforeverycusto- mer because every dose for every cup is freshly ground.

    How do I adjust the portafilter holder to the portafilter of my espresso machine?

  • Please follow the operating instructions, or:

  • Remove the portafilter holder.

  • Place the portafilter of your espresso machine in the portafilter holder. To do this, place the portafilter on

    the support, raise the handle and push it under the retaining catch. The portafilter should now sit firmly

    and horizontally in the holder.

  • If your portafilter does not sit horizontally in the holder, you can reset the portafilter support. Loosen the

    screw at the lower front of the support using a cross-head or flat-head screwdriver, and move the sup- port to the required height, so that the portafilter is held horizontally between the support and the catch. Then tighten the screw again.

    What is the capacity of the hopper of the VARIO?

• appr. 220g / 0.5lbs

What is the weight of the VARIO?

• net weight: 3,7kg / 8,15lbs

What is the grind speed of the VARIO?

  • appr. 1.6 g/s (fine grinding for espresso)

  • appr. 4 g/s (coarse grinding for French press)

    Which factors does the grind speed of the VARIO depend on?

  • Origin of the coffee,

  • Type of coffee (arabica, robusta, etc. ),

  • Size of beans,

  • Blend,

  • Degree of roasting,

  • Cooling method after roasting (i.e. moisture content of the bean) 

    1. Which functions are included in the VARIO software?

      • Dosing the amount of ground coffee by time.

      • Security switch off of the motor at overload,


      • See operating instructions

        Where is the VARIO’s ON/OFF switch?


    • The VARIO does not have a main ON/OFF switch.

    • Pressing and holding the START-button for 3 seconds switches off the display (SLEEP function). It can be

      restarted by pressing any button.

    • In case the VARIO is not touched for three minutes it switches off automatically (AUTOSLEEP) and can be

      restarted by pressing any button.

      The display of my VARIO is on, the motor does not start. What can I do?

    • When fitted correctly, the hopper activates a security switch for safety reasons, which unlocks the motor.

    • The hopper has to click-in completely in clockwise direction. Press the hopper onto the grinder and turn it

      with some force clockwise.

    • When new, the insertion of the hopper can be a bit tight which will wears after some turns. 

Mahlkoenig VARIO Home Coffee Grinder New Metal Portaholder

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New version of the VARIO home with metal PortaHolder 

The plastic insert with a slim metal fork rest has been replaced by sturdy zink-die-cast which resists even heavy-duty operations.

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